The fact that you are viewing this right now shows that you are seeking help for yourself or someone you love; and thank God you are, because it is a sad statistic, but 95% of the people who don’t get help for their addiction will die from it…and we don’t want that to be your story.

By clicking on the various links on our website, you can get more information about our treatment center, residential programs, and our wonderful therapies. Please take some time to educate yourself about Detox Solutions and how we can help you or someone else get you life back.



  Making the decision to commit to a substance abuse treatment and recovery program is difficult. Finding a place that offers compassionate, confidential and professional care is important.  


  Going through detox and having someone manage your withdrawal symptoms under the care of a drug and alcohol medical professional can greatly increase your chances of overcoming addiction successfully..  


  Detox can be a lifesaver – you don’t need to quit your addiction alone. Call our detox center now to learn more about the pain free withdrawal management treatment programs available.  

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